Saturday, June 11, 2011

Now i only found out that..
i don't really like waiting..

I'm not patient on waiting something actually,
although I always said "I don't mind", "is ok".
Yea i really don't mind if that's just happen to me one or two times.
When comes to happen several times or more than i expected,
It's sometimes really kinda pissed me off.
But I always hard to show that feel on my face, and keep the feeling deep inside my heart.

I know sometimes you're late because there's something more important you need to do.
But my heart feel quite sour when you don't reply me for more than hours and after that tell me that you are actually doing something which, is actually not that urgent and you can actually take out some time on reply me even just a short msg.

From the beginning you know i don't like waiting right.?
I told you before that I will try change to be more patient than before.
But honestly, is kinda hard for me.. unless i'm doing something else while waiting your reply..

Haih.. I know that im kinda possessive person.. I'm sorry and hope you don't mind.. If you see this, hope you can understand how i feel.. I love you..

Sunday, May 15, 2011


After finished the last paper for my final exam on may 10,
is officially my 2 weeks holiday~ ohyeah!
but didn't back hometown and stayed kl for another few days.
to relax myself and release all the stresses "gained" from the exam.. hehe..

Watched two movies in these few days.~
Which are "Thor" and "Priest".
Actually these two movies wasn't that nice for me. Juz OKAY~
The first one is "Thor".

is the kind of superhero movie, with the superhero kind of story line.
(Someone stay above the sky with powerful strength, ability, a "hammer" with power, and also with a bad attitude, loss all his power because of took back from him by his powerful father XD, then depreciated became human. And then start to learn and change his attitude, then go back to the sky, fight with his bad brother, then win, then become king..)
LAME, but still ok for me lar.. I'm a casual person, i don't really mind that and just enjoyed my movie XD (but there're really have some movies that make me pissed off and scolded myself for why wasted my time on watching that. XD )

second one,"Priest".

for me, is better than "Thor".
not very horror movie actually but the vampires in the movie did horrified me, and a lot of fighting scenes using many types of weapons. and the another reason that make me think that it is better, is because of MAGGIE Q!!~

Omg although she wore outfits that covered all her body, but the sexy bodyshape still attracted me, and.. when she's in fighting scenes, damn yeng! (yea, i like girl to be hot and sexy rather than act cute and stand there ask: gor gor give me sweet sweet~XD)

Besides of movie, i had my sing k session with my house mates too~ there's been a long time didn't sing k with them~ quite enjoyed actually but just don't like how they remain silent whenever there're English songs shown up. == please la, go learn some English songs lar~
(WTF Lady gaga's songs also don't how to sing meh.. XD somemore sing hokkien song.. faint*)

After stayed at kl for few more days, i'm now already at my home, in my room~<3
had steamboat as dinner with family once came back from kl,
and went Mum's primary school for the charity bazaar today~ Damn enjoyed myself today although was kinda tired(woke up too early) and the weather was so hot.. But who cares, i still ate a lot today~ XD

So, my 2 weeks holiday is officially started, and i will ENJOY it to the MAX!

p.s: face allergic which brought me a lot pimples on face.. hate u!
and someone that brought me love and happiness.. Love u..<3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Final exam week already passed half.
3/5 subjects' papers already taken.
left two subjects which will be taken on 9/10 may continuously.

It just left two papers but..
why i'm so unmotivated.
although just left two subjects,
but i just don't feel like study,
keep on thinking that, what should i do in holiday,
where should i go, and how should i pass my holiday.

but exam week haven't finish yet!

Just feel like im not as motivated as when i'm ready for my first, second and third paper.
is that because all my motivation already swapped away after the third paper?
(which i was prepared well, and think i can do well in exam, but entered the exam hall, and found out, TOOT, i was wrong and the lecturer was right, final exam even harder than midterm..)

haha.. maybe~ or maybe just giving myself an excuse for not study now..

(anyone can pull me out from the addiction of facebook? XD)

Hope there's someone..^^

p.s: t( '_' )t to my lecturer, i don't want see you next sem..T.T

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ma Hair Evolution..

Ok. there's someone just posted the similar kind of blog,
and i feel like, i should post one too.

checking back my photos in secondary school,
i found that i lost almost all of them.. TT
haiz.. no choice, i have to request some of the pictures from my friend..
(how can she still keep such old photos.. XD when that they all of us are not that good looking.. XD)

my hair in secondary school was black, of course it's black. XD
and short, i don't really know how to style my hair that time, plus my DARK skin color, and that time, i'm just soooooo ugly even out of my expectation..

feel like punch on that stupid face? yea i have the same thought. i hate the me in secondary school LOL

this "tortured when look into mirror" years not really passed fast, it spent me almost 5 years..
After that, Graduated. Everyone that just graduated sure will go and do something on their hair coz they desperately hope to do but can't due to secondary school restriction.
And so, i done mine too. == lets see.

OMFG. i can't accept i was looked like that. ><
but so what, who doesn't have the past, even that ALBEE YAP also have a past that she don't really wanna recalled hahaha.. (cheering up myself now.. lol)

after secondary school life is over, now let's go into my foundation studies life..
the hair.. got longer.. color, dyed darker color so that my dark skin look brighter. but i still hate this hairstyle. bird nest. LOL

erm... my eyes doesn't look like fish eyes at all that time.. look sleepy, kinda lazy eyes. haha
and i found that, i kept this hairstyle for whole foundation studies year.

ohya, another hairstyle and i don't know when was that, around found
ation studies i think. haha

okay, here comes degree life..
hair grown even more longer, thicker, messier.
but luckily i got to know alot of friends that good in dressing up nicely, and styling hair nicely. and i became this guy.
Yeap, I had changed. haha.. looks better.. longer hair, korean look? XD
and after that, hair grown LONGER.. become LALA...

too LALA, and i cut it, this time was my year 2 in degree life. looks even better in short hair? haha i don't know but i prefer short hair now haha~
and after that, grown longer again after few months, this photo taken at langkawi. XD
And i got bored with the color, and i dyed it bright... (that hairstylist told me dye brighter make me look brighter in skin color.. ==)
And grown longer again.. no difference but the color still thr. haha~
and again, i cut it. but this time i remained my hair on top, dye in back to darker color, and cut
the sideburn shorter. im kinda love this photo XD
And wait for one or two months (my hair really grow faster.. dunno why) got longer, and this time, tried new hairstyle. I cut abit but remained the length of my hair, but SHAVED off my left side, my left sideburn gone. XD
I like that hairstyle but my hair just grown way too fast, and after few months, dyed for new color again. It was greenish grey and im totally in love with this color. XD
Before go my industrial training.. cut short, AGAIN.
And then, 3 months industrial training, i didn't cut my hair, at all. and finally grown longer AGAIN. XD
After back from industrial training, cut of the messy hair, and dyed back some color to cover my faded out color's hair, and got this..
And the final hairstyle, mushroom head, i cut my fringe, from my previous "right side longer" fringe, into "equally long mushroom" fringe. and found that i can be cute XD (this was two months ago, Year3 Semester 3 of my degree life, and i'm 22 years old.)
After this hairstyle, my hair actually grow longer again but i choose to cut back the same fringe and, dyed it redish brown. din update, because final exam is coming, and no time to wear nicely and take a nice photo.. haha.. but still kinda similar with this photo. ==

Okay, that's all my hair evolution, you will probably found there are some "characteristics" of my hair :
1) fast growing
2) dye color often
3) short-> long -> short -> long -> short ->...
4) color faded out easily..
5) hair damaged..

and, i really change a lot right?! hahahahahaXD~

Sunday, April 17, 2011


what's that?
haha.. yeap it's short form.
but short form of what?
erm.. it can be anything..
depends on what comes in your mind first..
the thing that comes to my mind first was that three words.
yea, that THREE words that comes into most of you guys' mind first.

yea.. there's someone i do want to say these words to.
and, i said quite a lot of times to that someone too.
but sometimes.. i can't get the reply that i want.
i know that someone do have the same feeling on me " maybe im wrong?" hehe.
but when i get an answer of "i don't simply say that", or "is still not the time yet for me to say that",
is kinda disappointed me, sometimes. haha..
but maybe i'm the one who have too much expectations,
and the one who wanted too much..

Is ok.. When the relationship is started, i already know there must me someone in between us that need to give out more than another. and honestly i'm still have a doubt in my mind..
but who cares.. i know one day you will tell me that three words, and i'm waiting for it too.
Hope it will not take much time.. haha~

IMU.. ILU.. someone. <3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Im not ok...
totally not ok at all..
although i seems like nothing in front of you,
but im just pretending.

Im trying to accept the fact now...

New semester, same stress..

Every new semester, there's sure same stress that make me gone crazy.
of course, i facing it again this semester..
but the difference is, when come to a new semester,
means that i had already pass through the previous one,
and one and following semester gone,
means that im getting nearer to final year in my degree.
And this caused the stress in every semester become
more and more serious..

Yeap, this is the stress that every students do have.
There are the PARTs that we sure have to go through when study.
Presentations, Assignments, Reports, Tests..
Like today, I had just finished a presentation and a test, in the same day..
The presentation is kinda important for me because the subject of the presentation, is my repeated subject.. ==
Of course the test is important too, half of the coursework marks.. OMG.
the day before, i was in frustrated situation, and nearly crazy.
and you know what, im staying on 14th floor. hahaha but don't worry, i won't be that stupid.
And now, i already finished the presentation and test, although im not really satisfy with what i had done, but so? already passed XD
but,actually there are still tests, reports to pass up, and assignments to pass up, in the following weeks.

So what?! bring it on! im ready to accept you guy's challenges! (yeap im talking to the PARTs. XD and guess what, this proven that im really will get crazy soon haha..)

P.S: Erm.. Bad mood, i've loss something that i want so much. but at the end, it still not belongs to me..