Saturday, June 11, 2011

Now i only found out that..
i don't really like waiting..

I'm not patient on waiting something actually,
although I always said "I don't mind", "is ok".
Yea i really don't mind if that's just happen to me one or two times.
When comes to happen several times or more than i expected,
It's sometimes really kinda pissed me off.
But I always hard to show that feel on my face, and keep the feeling deep inside my heart.

I know sometimes you're late because there's something more important you need to do.
But my heart feel quite sour when you don't reply me for more than hours and after that tell me that you are actually doing something which, is actually not that urgent and you can actually take out some time on reply me even just a short msg.

From the beginning you know i don't like waiting right.?
I told you before that I will try change to be more patient than before.
But honestly, is kinda hard for me.. unless i'm doing something else while waiting your reply..

Haih.. I know that im kinda possessive person.. I'm sorry and hope you don't mind.. If you see this, hope you can understand how i feel.. I love you..

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